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Jervois Residential Care

Situated in the heart of one of New Zealand’s most respected suburbs, Jervois Residential Care provides great care within a quintessentially Victorian villa.

Discreetly tucked away close to Ponsonby shopping areas and local amenities, while still remaining perfectly accessible to visitors, Herne Bay provides the perfect locale for great residential care in Auckland city.

A Variety of Accommodation Options

All our rooms have unique sizes and layouts, many of which showcase all the original Victorian features. We have accommodation options for couples, as well as en suite options. A range of common areas, ranging from quiet and reflective to active and communal, adds flexibility to life in the home. Our great location gives us the added benefits of an active volunteering community and great neighbours who regularly pop in with treats.Visit us today to see how we can assist you in finding the perfect room in our home.

Long stay

  • Hospital Care
  • Rest-home Care

Short stay

  • Respite Care
  • Day Care
  • Convalescent Care

Enjoy Our Large Gardens

Situated on large, beautiful grounds, our Jervois home consists of two large villas, gracefully joined together to create one home. Reminiscent of an old world Victorian romance era, many residents easily relate to the design and feel of the home. A series of tastefully refurbishments to Jervois have upgraded the building with modern safety standards, while retaining the essential character of the home. Large grounds create a belt of green around the facility, with plenty of space to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Our People


Our General Manager
Jacqueline Parker-Nance, Registered Nurse

With a nursing career spanning some 25+ years, Jacqueline knows a thing or two about leading a team to deliver exceptional care. She recently held a facility management position with a large, reputable organisation, within a facility specialising in high level care.

Jacqueline is keenly interested in both nursing and psychology, and holds bachelor degrees in both disciplines. Her experience in mental health and adult psychology perfectly compliments her aged care interests, helping her gain a deep understanding our residents’ holistic care needs.


Our Clinical Manager
Sue Lee , Registered Nurse

With a nursing career spanning 15 years, Sue brings a wealth of knowledge to the role of Clinical Manager.  She has been a senior Registered Nurse both here and in South Korea.
Sue holds a degree in Bachelor of Nursing and is very keen to expand her knowledge with a Post Graduate study.

3 year certification from the Ministry of Health

Jervois Residential Care is one of an elite group of homes independently assessed as providing a very high quality of care. Our residents and families can rest assured in our ability to provide superb service.

Diversional Therapist and Physiotherapists

We are confident that our residents are getting the best mind, physical and emotional “workout”. We use resources such as the “Fiddle Blanket” which help with tired, arthritic and joint ached hands.

“I had no worries about living at Jervois Residential Care and felt right at home from the first visit. I still feel the same way now. I recommend Jervois Residential Care because it is close to what I like. It has a good standard of care with friendly and listening staff. I have outings, activities and things to do. I have security and feel safe at night. I like the respectful care staff who take into account what ‘you’ want.  I like the home cooked meals and choice of hot main meals. Jervois Residential Care is clean and tidy with no smells. It is warm and friendly.”

Goran Nikolich

“The staff at Jervois Residential Care are like your family and my room feels as cosy as a luxurious penthouse. (I do not feel boxed up as if I am in a hostel.) I recommend Jervois Residential Care because management have an open door policy and they do listen and react to requests. I chose to live here because it is near public transport and shops. Our double room is ideal and our health has been restored to a high level consistent with our respective ages. (84 and 81)”

Thomas Cawood.

“The nurses are good to me and we get plenty of entertainment which is a big thing for me. It gives me something to look forward to. I enjoy going out, particularly for meals and entertainment. I’ve made some friends. The house is always clean. I’m happy”