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Hospital Level, Rest Home Level and Dementia Unite.

Welcome  to West  Harbor Garden   Residential  Care

West Harbour Garden Residential Care offers personalized residential care services that prioritize comfort and independence. Our dedicated staff provides support for daily living, medical needs, nutritious meals, engaging activities, and ensures a safe environment. Families can have confidence that their loved ones will receive exceptional care here

Cares   We   Offer

Rest Home Level of Care

At West Harbour Garden residential care, you’ll find compassionate, caring,  highly trained staff providing personalized care in comfortable, beautiful accommodations. With a focus on safety, engaging activities, nutritious meals, and medical support, residents thrive in a peaceful and social environment. 

Hospital Level of Care

West Harbour Garden residential care offers hospital-level care with skilled medical professionals. Our dedicated staff ensures round-the-clock monitoring, comprehensive medical services, rehabilitation programs, and a comfortable environment for patients’ recovery and well-being.

Dementia  Care

West Harbour Garden residential care provides specialized dementia care with trained staff, personalized support, safe and secure environment, memory-enhancing activities, and compassionate understanding to enhance the quality of life for residents with dementia.

Respite Care

Temporary relief, personalized care, rejuvenation, comfortable accommodations, compassionate staff, peace of mind.

Day Care

Engaging activities, social interaction, supervised care, support, stimulating environment, companionship, convenience.



West Harbour, Auckland, is a coastal suburb known for its community spirit and recreational opportunities. Around 315 Hobsonville Road, residents can enjoy coastal walks, picnics, and water activities. Nearby parks like Scott Point and Hobsonville Point offer beautiful views, walking trails, and playgrounds. Amenities include shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and local shops, providing convenient access to daily necessities and diverse dining options. The Westgate Shopping Centre and WestCity Waitakere Mall offer a wide range of retail stores and entertainment.

Our Address: 315Hobsonville Road, West Harbors, Auckland 0618

RSA hosts diverse weekly events catering to various interests. Adjacent is Connemara Reserve, a picturesque nature reserve renowned for its beauty and biodiversity.

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