Types of Residential Cares

Residential care includes the following types of long-term care provided in a rest home or hospital:

 Long Term Residential Care 

Hospital level of Care

Hospital level care involves intensive medical treatment, 24/7 monitoring, and specialized services for patients with  illnesses or complex medical conditions.

Rest Home level of Care

Support for elderly or disabled individuals who need 24 hour assistant but have some mobilities, who can eat food by themeselves

Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals with fatel illnesses, providing pain relief, emotional support, and comfort.

Dementia unit Care

Dementia care offers specialized support to individuals with memory lose, cognitive decline, helping manage symptoms and enhance their well-being.

Short-Term Care

Respite Care

Offering 2-14 days relief to caregivers by providing short-term care for elderly or disabled who need 24/7 assistant

Senior's Day Care

Offering daytime supervision and social activities and  companionship to the patient who need 24/7 cares, providing caregivers with day time relief.

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