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Margaret G

A few years ago our family needed to find PH for our elderly Aunt. She was in care previously in a large institution which proved very distressing to her and the wider family. We needed to find a more homely environment.
We found Lynton Lodge, a beautiful modernized old Homestead in a tree lined street amongst private homes, north facing over-looking a stunning view of the harbour !
One of the greatest benefits of L.L is that they cook food on the premises.Not only is the quality excellent, but delicious smells of food permeates the home giving everyone a lift. It is a pleasure to visit and see the staff helping individuals with their meals and making it easy for families to be involved as well.
Aunty is always put to bed with care at L.L. She is well covered, has had her eye drops , and looks very cosy.It is easy to visit her at night and we appreciate this fact.. There are very rarely times when bells are ringing at L.L which is great sign everything is under control and patients are happy and well cared for.
We thank you for the care of our dear Aunty

Jane B

In January 2014 sadly I had to admit I could no longer look after my husband who was suffering from dementia and frailty. I spent some time looking at various secure facilities in Auckland which had hospital level care. I also listened to numerous reports and horror stories. I liked the building which had a homely feel to it. I especially liked the fact that nearly all the rooms had French doors which could be opened onto small courtyards or a veranda – lovely in the summer. However, my main concern was for the quality of care.
The caregivers are patient and understanding. His room is always spotlessly clean and his clearly marked clothes kept freshly laundered. Nothing has been lost. I am grateful to the staff who work to keep the patients stimulated with activities and outings and also to those in the kitchen who provide him with nutritious and appetizing meals. He has gained some much-needed weight. Thank you Lynton Lodge!


It was a long time ago that I was told I had to find a hospital for my wife. Lynton Lodge was found and even though my uncle had been there I still was anxious that I had done the right thing for my wife. Not long after her arrival, a resident passed away, this gentleman had no relatives or friends as he had come from a small mining town in the South Island. Up stepped the staff from Lynton Lodge. A service was arranged in the flat below on Saturday.

Saturday arrived and to my amazement the staff turned up on their day off and formed a guard of honour after the service. It was then I found comfort in the choice of hospital. I had found a delightful, caring group of people that really cared for their patients.

Note: My wife is still there and well looked after.