Devices are now available at all sites to enable you to contact our Residents via Skype. 
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Q/ Can we bring our own furniture?

A/ Our staff must be able to go about their duties safely. We encourage residents and families to personalise their rooms. It’s easy to connect the TV, to hang pictures and photos or to enjoy a personal bedspread or favourite chair.


Q/ Is alcohol permitted?

A/ Residents may drink alcohol in moderation – medication permitting. Each facility has a regular happy hour.


Q/ Are there pets in residence?

A/ We do have a cat, one resident budgie and various visiting cats and dogs. Sometimes a resident will bring an animal and we do our best to accommodate them, cats, birds and small dogs have lived for a while with their owners.


Q/ Can we negotiate To Bring Own Pet

A/  Yes, We will try to assist with pet cares if necessary and happy to discuss this.


Q/ Is there telephone access in the rooms?

A/Yes, There is a phone connection in most rooms although we encourage residents to have a mobile phone because they are much easier to manage. A wifi connection is also available.


Q/ Can a resident adjust heating in own room?

A/ In some cases. Our facilities are heated with electric heaters or central heating throughout so that a warm and comfortable environment is maintained, however, the temperature can be altered at patient’s request.


Q/ Is there a residents Committee?

A/ Yes, residents meetings are held quarterly and families may attend if they wish. The management always endeavour to attend to complaints and requests wherever possible.


Q/ Is there a family Committee?

A/ No, however, families are welcome to attend resident meetings .


Q/ Is there a newsletter?

A/ No,  However, there is wall hung information of upcoming events, and photo displays on the walls of past events.


Q/ Is there a policy for management of challenging behaviour?

A/ Yes, A policy and Objectives in place. Please discuss this with the Clinical Manager if it applies.


Q/ Are there confused residents?

A/ Yes, Theses patients are usually cared for in a separate area.


Q/ Are there lounge/seating areas available?

A/ Yes, We have spacious lounges and a dining rooms. There are plenty of seats for visitors and in the warm summer months. Residents, families and friends may use the sheltered verandah and courtyard areas.


Q/ Are there outings?

A/ Yes, there is a weekly outing to an Auckland destination. The bus can also take wheelchairs. The residents take morning tea to enjoy at a chosen spot. There is a small charge for each trip


Q/ Are you located in a rural Setting?

A/ No,  We are lucky enough to enjoy glorious views out over the Upper Harbour and down to Cox’s Bay. Our gardens provide some tranquility in a safe and quiet residential street where the neighbours are friendly and there is easy parking.


Q/ Is smoking Permitted?

A/ Yes, However, we normally enforce a no smoking rule.


Q/ Are you Semi-Secure?

A/ Yes, our indoor and garden areas provide a secure environment.


Q/ Are there sprinklers installed?

A/ Yes, each room throughout the hospital has sprinklers as per strict regulatory requirements.


Q/ Is your last audit report available?

A/ Yes, please see the Clinical Manager


Additional questions and general enquiries are welcome, and information can be posted or e-mailed on request: enquiries@beta.spectreum.co.nz.

You are always welcome to come and have a look around and hand out information packs are available by the front door.